Life or Death

….The judge returned to his seat. The defendant rose, a smug look on his face. The jury hadn’t been able to reach a verdict based on the evidence in place. He looked at the judge head-on knowing that he was gonna be able to walk right out of the courtroom and continue living his life the way he had been.

The judge looked at the defendant and smirked.  “We all know of the defendant’s habits, and life choices. I have declared him guilty based on the evidence and the state of his heart,” the judge said.

The defendant never lost face, though on the inside his heart skipped a beat as he thought of the fact that he might lose this time.

“The choice is simple, young man. You must choose between…life…and death. Both have consequences far beyond what you can imagine,” the judge warned.

The defendant paused, as he knew he should, and replied, “I choose life, sir. But I wish to continue doing things the way I have been.”

“That is not your choice to make, young man. Life has consequences. You chose life and for that, you will have to make some changes in your own,” the judge replied.

The moral of that little story is this: when we choose life over death we are no longer in control of our own lives. We have to make changes.



……is in the air. You can feel it in the wind, you can smell it with every breath you breathe. Excitement is in the air.

What am I so excited about?? There are several reasons. My friend is getting married on Saturday, the hope of Spring just around the corner, the promise of new life in Christ Jesus which we celebrate every year at Easter time.

Out of those three things, I don’t know if I can pick one to be the favorite, per se. The biggest one would definitely have to be the promise of life eternal and new life in Christ. And believe me, those are two completely different things. Eternal life is the promise that no matter what happens here, whether it be good or bad, we will live forever after we die here on earth. New life, well, that can be described as the addict who becomes clean and stays that way, or the alcoholic who breaks a family pattern of alcoholism and remains sober for the rest of his life. New life, the chance for a fresh start. The hope to begin anew, with no way for the past to come back and bite us. No regrets, whatsoever.

Sometimes, new life and eternal life meet us at the same time. Sometimes, we are given a chance to start over, and later, we learn of eternal life. Sometimes, it’s the other way around. Regardless of the season, everyone deserves a chance at new life, new beginnings, and a chance at eternal life. I mean, we were given that chance, weren’t we?? So why not offer it to those around us??

To Save A Life

I walk past them once again
My pain visible in my face
In the marks on my arms
They turn away
To scared to admit they caused it

Inside I’m crying out for help
Outside I’m the one they ignore
I dress differently – therefore they hate me
I act differently – therefore they hate me
I’m not one of them – therefore they hate me

They all hate me
I can feel it in their words
Feel it in the movements
Their never-ending teasing
Their never-ending bullying

Inside I’ve been crying out for help
Enough is enough
No more will I take what they dish out
No more will I cut myself to appease them
I will show them how I feel
I will show them
They will know what it feels like

A knife in one hand
A gun in the other
I can’t kill them
But I’m gonna stop the bullying
I’m gonna end it once and for all

One shot is all it takes
Will they care when I’m gone?
Will they even notice??

Who I Am

He looks in the mirror

Disgusted with what he sees

Where was the boy who obeyed

Against his will??

Who never did wrong??

A life of drugs and drinking

To have this double life

Angry at who he is and what he’s become

He smashes the pane of glass

And screams….

Is this  who I am??

Is this who I’ve become??

Is the person I was destined to be

when time began??

Is this who I am?

She pauses to check

That she’s perfect

Amazed at how she looks

Bile rises again

The price she pays

For being one of them

The outfit entices all

She throws herself away

Broken and hurt

She screams…

Is this who I am??

Is this who I’ve become??

Is this the person I was destined to be

when time began??

Is this who I am??

My child

Listen to the words I say

My love is for you

I made you perfect

Your gifts are yours alone

Fall on me

I love you

Girl – I will not listen to the lies of those around me

Boy – I will not be who they say I am

Both – I will be who they say I am

This is who I am

This is who I’ve become

This is the person I destined to be

When time began

This is who I am