……is in the air. You can feel it in the wind, you can smell it with every breath you breathe. Excitement is in the air.

What am I so excited about?? There are several reasons. My friend is getting married on Saturday, the hope of Spring just around the corner, the promise of new life in Christ Jesus which we celebrate every year at Easter time.

Out of those three things, I don’t know if I can pick one to be the favorite, per se. The biggest one would definitely have to be the promise of life eternal and new life in Christ. And believe me, those are two completely different things. Eternal life is the promise that no matter what happens here, whether it be good or bad, we will live forever after we die here on earth. New life, well, that can be described as the addict who becomes clean and stays that way, or the alcoholic who breaks a family pattern of alcoholism and remains sober for the rest of his life. New life, the chance for a fresh start. The hope to begin anew, with no way for the past to come back and bite us. No regrets, whatsoever.

Sometimes, new life and eternal life meet us at the same time. Sometimes, we are given a chance to start over, and later, we learn of eternal life. Sometimes, it’s the other way around. Regardless of the season, everyone deserves a chance at new life, new beginnings, and a chance at eternal life. I mean, we were given that chance, weren’t we?? So why not offer it to those around us??


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