Another week has gone by and another one is on the way once again. Let me start off by saying that I’m really tired and can only remember the really big events that happened this past week.

Sunday – Robert Farrar had his Eagle ceremony with BSA and Stuart, Mitchell and Dad all participated. Justin stopped by on his way back from visiting his mom in Moneta, Va and…I lost my cell phone. I put it on the hood of the blue van and forgot that it was there when my parents took the car somewhere that night. Couldn’t find it whatsoever, so I’m hoping that the squirrels didn’t get a hold of it.

Monday – Opened on cash again. Had dance as usual. Crashed in my bed when I got home.

Tuesday – Yep, I opened again, however I got off earlier than normal. Justin came up again and ate dinner.

Wednesday – Nothing really happened that I can recall.

Thursday – I had a midshift on cash. I also got my new, but used, cell phone. My mom and dad upgraded theirs and Stuart got Dad’s old one and I got Mom’s.

Friday – Once again, I had a midshift on cash. After work, I came home and got ready to go see the play Les Miserables Spiritual Twist productions. The play didn’t start til 730pm and was over at 11pm and we still had to go home afterwards. It was a little different than the movie, obviously, but very good.

Saturday – Got up to go to a pancake breakfast that the Sanford Women’s League was hosting then I had to go to work. Hostess from 11-2, even though I was scheduled til 3. Ate lunch with Jessica Reed and then worked cash from 430pm to about 1130pm, meaning I closed on cash.

Verse of the Week – Matthew 5:13 KJV

13Ye are the salt of the earth: but if the salt have lost his savour, wherewith shall it be salted? it is thenceforth good for nothing, but to be cast out, and to be trodden under foot of men.

We have all heard this verse in Sunday School or as the missionaries theme verse but notice what is in bold – but if the salt has lost his savour. While we cannot lose our salvation, we could, however, lose our joy, our earnestness we once had. Believe me, I sit here typing this, knowing I have lost that joy. If we lose sight of what we are supposed to be doing, whether it is reaching out to someone in need, or doing our jobs to the ‘best of our abilities’, we lose our savour, so to speak. When we keep God in the blinders of our vision(don’t worry, I’ll explain) we won’t lose our joy or hope, because it is the only thing we see.

Have you ever been to Central Park in NY and seen the horse-drawn carriages? Or any park that has horse-drawn carriages? Ever notice how they have those funny things on their faces, right around their eyes? Those are blinders, and are designed to prevent the horse from seeing anything but the path it needs to take. To prevent it from being distracted. When we focus on our Lord, we won’t be distracted and won’t be like salt that has lost its savour.


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