Praise You in the storm

It’s more than a song by Casting Crowns; it’s a strong recommendation of what we should do in times of struggle, like this afternoon.

This afternoon, Justin and I decided that it would be better if we weren’t in a relationship with each other. Even though it hurts and probably will for a long time, we’re both at peace with it. As I driving to meet my mom and talk to her about what had happened, I decided to praise God, knowing He was in control no matter what and after I said this, though tears were still streaming down my face, I felt at peace. That is the greatest feeling when something that you didn’t want to have happening is happening. I was almost about to jump for joy, I felt so at peace. The only reason I didn’t is that I don’t think it would have been appropriate considering why I was praising God.

I know that I have not been close in my relationship with God because I was choosing Justin over him and like I said, God knows what’s gonna happen even if I don’t. I won’t a promise I probably won’t keep but I’m gonna continue praising God through all my circumstances. Sometimes, God whispers to us and sometimes he thunders at us. For me, he shocked my world in order to bring me back to him.

Romans 8:28 / 2 Corinthians. 4:16-18
Psalm 42:5 / Psalm 121:1-2
Job 1:20-21 / Daniel 3:16-18


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