Soooo……I have been having all these questions rolling around in my head and I think it’s time I put pen to paper and really think about them.

1 – Do I, as a Christ-follower, have to go to church?

2 – Do I have to wear certain clothes?

3 – Do I have to speak a certain way?

– I DO need fellowship with other believers but it doesn’t have to be in a church building.

– I DO need ‘corporate’ worship but again, not necessarily in a church building.

– Christians in the book of Acts weren’t defined by the clothes they were so obviously I don’t haveta wear ‘christian’ shirts – they were defined by what they did

– I obviously don’t need to be cussing up a storm (can’t go back on the whole cussing thing) but I don’t have to say ‘thee, thy and thou’ or refer to people as ‘brother and sister’

These were the original questions – I have some more questions to add to that

– Does worship (in a corporate setting) have to happen only on Sunday?

– How much fellowship with ‘unbelievers’ is allowed?

– Is there such a thing as a ‘wrong’ kind of music? If so, why?

– What sins are acceptable? Which ones aren’t?

– How do we reach out and enter someone’s world without becoming like them? Without losing ourselves?

And they, continuing daily with one accord in the temple, and breaking bread from house to house, did eat their meat with gladness and singleness of heart – Acts 2:46


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