Goats and People

So….the other day, my family and I were cutting down branches as a part of clearing out some land and like always, we decided to take to the goats. We had to throw them (the branches, not the goats – don’t worry) over the fence. As we were throwing the branches over, the goats were like, “Yehaw!! More food!” and came running to partake of the fresh cut greenery. The interesting thing was that as we were throwing branches in, the goats were running from one pile to another – before finishing the one they were eating.

I noticed that they were acting like humans with the newest, latest whatever. We get a new cell phone and within like 2 weeks we want the new one. Take the new iPad. There was so much hype over the iPad that people forgot about the new iPhone 4 which had only been out for a few weeks. I bet that if you wait a couple of weeks, there will be a new thing that everyone will want.

Was it about us as human beings that makes us want what everyone else has? Or the newest thing? Is it the need or want to fit in? To be accepted? I don’t the answer but if you do, let me know so I can share it.


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