Sermon on the beach

So, this evening, I’m walking along the beach and I decide to have a conversation with myself. FYI, I do this all the time. As I continue walking, I notice the beautiful colors of the seashells, the smoothness and variety of the pebbles and I can’t help but notice how beautiful everything is. The sand washing over my feet brought up more pebbles and seashells and thus began my conversation and my ‘sermon’.

“You see, I see things from the artist’s point of view. I see how the glorious pinks mix with the vibrant oranges to create a most beautiful sunset. I notice the mist down at the pier and how it makes everything so fantasy looking, like a knight in shining armor can ride out on his magnificent steed. I love how the clouds look so wispy and yet, in one moment, can look so dark and threatening. I see God’s artistry in everything and I can’t help but LOVE it!! I see God as a creator, the master artist, who knows what the final picture is gonna look like, because that’s how I see life around me. It’s one facet of an amazing God. ”

“But what if you’re not an artist? Not a photographer such as yourself?” I spoke, acting as another person in my conversation.

“Well, then you see the world from that point of view and you see a different facet of God. And if I’m you’re friend, then eventually, I could see God from that point of view.”

“Ok, so I’m more into architecture, meaning I see how the angles of the beach prevent the high tide from constantly going over the sand dunes. I see how the wind moves in certain ways to allow the pelicans to be able to glide and then dive in when they need to. I see how God creates a world where beauty can meet simplicity and I see God in the beauty of a natural forest that grows on its own, with certain sections and rows for certain things. From that, I see how God allows the seeds to fall where they may, pardon the pun, but only grow in good soil. I see how the things that appear ordinary wouldn’t be if we knew the reasons they work.”

Here’s the sermon:

We are all different. We hear that from every person from the time we are born, to the time that we die. It’s because of this, that the world is as unique as it is. When we see the world a certain way, we see everything that way. From people to our Creator. I usually tend to see God as a Master Artist, as a loving and compassionate Savior willing to reach out and help the little child, and the Warrior who is tough enough to help me fight all my worst battles. I usually tend to see the good in someone before I see the bad, I tend to hold grudges and remember the small details about something while completely forgetting the major ones. I tend to that with God too; I see him my way and it’s very hard for me to see God through the eyes of someone else.

I’m not saying that we all need to see God the same way, because if we did, then nothing would change. God would be someone that no one would care about because nothing in our lives had changed. I see God as a compassionate Savior, partly because I am very much like that, and because I have seen God move in my life because I was at my wit’s end. If nothing in my life, no character trait of mine, were different than everyone else, would I be so willing to claim as my Savior if he hadn’t saved me? Would I be willing to claim a God who hadn’t touched my life in some way? I don’t think  I would be able to. My way of seeing the world, and my Lord, is also the easiest way for me to tell others about Him.



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