Beginnings and endings

Five days ago, I began a journey that some only wish they had the guts to do: join the military, more specifically, I joined the Navy. Since then, I have started classes at CCCC, which are going well; and, I put my two weeks notice in at work. There were many reasons for that. I need to focus on my Navy classes, as well as the ones at CCCC and work was too stressful for me to do that as well. While I am upset, I was almost in tears as I was leaving, I know that in the end it will be the better thing for me.

One really cool thing I found out last night though: When more than one person works on the same piece of art, a masterpiece is created. A great example of this is the charcoal drawing that me and two of my classmates did in Art App last night. Our characteristic was value (light to dark) and our emotion was sadness/despair.


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