Pre-Labor Day

Today was very relaxing for me and my family. We went to church this morning, except for Mom who was sick. After church, we came home and relaxed before preparing for dinner.

Dinner was hotdogs and hamburgers on the grill with all the fixings. We also had watermelon for desert. Nuthin’ like spitting seeds at your little brother in the dark. Other than all the usual relatives we had, Aunt Kathy had brought her friend from Fayetteville. I decided to invite my EMT friend, ‘Comfort’, up as well. Comfort had been here for less than 5 minutes when the pagers went off. Comfort was called out, as it was a medic mutual aid call, and had to leave the festivities. He came back afterwards and we decided to play some apples-to-apples. It wasn’t as much fun for us, cause he was winning, but all in all things were going well til his pager went off again. EMTs never sleep.

Tomorrow, will be Labor Day. Who knows what it may bring.


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