QOTD: what should I blog about?

This is the basis that I start with everyday. I mean, do you all really need to know every aspect of my life? What I feel and think? Who I like and dislike? Do you really need to see what pictures I have edited? What’s going on in school? Do you? Really? Obviously, you do, or you wouldn’t be reading this.

Life – often defined as the moments in between birth and death.

Life this past week has been kinda challenging for me. I made a decision at work that was hard to make and yet so easy. I loved working there but even love for something cannot combat the stress it might bring. Work had become so stressful that it wasn’t fun anymore. I was working my a$$ off for a bunch of stress that I didn’t need.

School – the period in our lives where we are required to sit down in a classroom. Learning is optional.

School is meh at times. I have Econ, History, Drama and Art. Thankfully, all except my Art class are in the morning. Except for Econ, the classes are relatively easy. Easy in the sense that I don’t have to do a ton of things. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I have papers I have to do, reading that needs to be done, notes that have to be taken, but that’s normal. I’m not having to turn in thesis papers every week or anything difficult. The hardest part of it all, is the guys. I have a friend who I like, who has none of my classes and I have a guy who is in 2 of them who keeps hitting on me.

Navy – do I really need to define this?

Every Monday, I have to call my recruiter which I forgot to do this past week. Labor Day, it’ll do that to you. Once a month, on a Thursday, I have what is referred to as a DEP meeting. DEP means Delayed Entry Program – it’s for all those who have sworn into the military but haven’t left for Basic yet. I have one of those meetings today.

Photography – the art or act of taking photos.

I had a photoshoot with Nikki and Kyle on Labor Day and since then I have been edited those pics. It’s kinda hard when they look so good you don’t wanna mess them up. I did, however, run across this pic of little girl that I had taken a picture of when I was at a friend’s soccer game.


2 responses to “QOTD: what should I blog about?

  1. Great post! I find when I don’t know what to write, what I end up writing turns out to be exactly what I needed to write or post. And even though I don’t think anyone will find it interesting – many do! That’s the amazing thing. This is a great shot, too!

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