Rules of….

….thumbs, hands, feet, etc.

Has anyone noticed that the phrase is rule of thumb? Why is that anyway? Who came up with that anywho?

Here are some new rules I have created.


Never step in an anthill when one is allergic to ants. You will get bitten, multiple times in fact, and it will hurt like you wouldn’t believe.

Never kick a soccer ball that is fully inflated with bare feet. The same can be said of kicking footballs.

Country girls can run barefoot on gravel while city girls can’t. (That’s a fact, btw.)

Never stick your feet in your recruiter’s chair. EVER.


Never pound a stapler with the side of your hand multiple times. You’ll create a bruise, which, of course, hurt. (I was pounding a stapler trying to staple papers into the wall for the AHG display at the Lee Co fair yesterday. Writing today has been difficult.)

Never mix scented hand sanitizers and scented lotions when they are different scents. Everyone will hate you.


Where did this elbow grease thing come from anyway? If there is grease on my elbow, it’s because I put my elbow in grease. I would recommend against doing that.

Never smack your funny bone during a meeting, during school, or at any other time when it would be inappropriate to laugh.

I’m sure there are more. I will add them when I think of them.


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