What I have noticed recently is this. Every time I post a blog that includes a picture or two, my site gets a dozen hits or more. However, when I post a ‘normal’ one, I’m lucky if I get one or two. Why is this? The content is no different. I’m still talking about school, about life and love. The only difference is the addition of a picture. Makes me wonder if you guys pay any attention at all, or if I’m just another photographer with a good eye. Am I really unique? Or one of the same?

LIFE & LOVE -> They both kinda suck right now. I made a stupid decision last week, one I won’t repeat again, and now I feel lost. I have a couple of friends at school, but still. I feel like a social-wallflower. Simply put, I feel like a social butterfly that everyone ignores. Maybe it’s ’cause I can be perceived as nosy, when in reality, I care. I wanna know more about your life, so I can be there whenever you need a shoulder to cry on, an ear to vent to, whatever. Right now, as I write this actually, I’m talking to someone who has always noticed me and I just told him that I like him. Guess what? He’s still talking to me. Most guys turn away and never speak to me again. Maybe, with God’s help, I can learn how to love.

SCHOOL & NAVY -> School is ok. History and Theatre are going well, very well actually. Art, I’m still in a toss-up over. While I love what we’re talking about, I don’t like how some people hog the conversations and how my teacher doesn’t seem to like my viewpoints on things. I was taught to be a respecter of all people, regardless of skin/age/gender/background/etc and that includes letting others have their own viewpoints. You and I may see a painting done by da Vinci and see it two different ways. That is the art of Art Appreciation. While I’m at it, I don’t like running at all. I’m just not that good at it. I have to run 1.5 mile in 15:00 and while some people are like, “That’s easy,” they need to remember that I don’t run. At all. I also need to work on my push-ups, just in case I can’t keep my mouth shut. Especially around Sperduto.

GOD -> The last time I read my Bible was a couple of days ago. I’ve been praying all day for Joe’s family, a little boy named Harrison Carlson and some others as I think about them. Remember that mistake I made last week? Yeah, I’ll let you know now. I made out with a guy (now I find out who’s reading this) but didn’t have sex. It was a guy who I go to school with and my mom and dad know him. I regretted it later that day because I knew he wasn’t the one however, when Justin and I made out I didn’t feel guilty. Is it because at the time, I thought Justin was the one and I knew James wasn’t? Satan kept trying to tell me I was a slutty whore but then God made me listen to Matthew West’s song called “History”. It’s a really good song and made me realize that I am exactly who God needs me to be. Question – What does it take to be a follower of Christ??


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