4 reese’s cups, 2 girls, 1 vending machine…

…equal a recipe for disaster, apparently.

Here’s what happened.

Haven and I were hungry and bored in our Art class. We finally get a break and decide to get some Reese’s cups and Twix out of the vending machine and split them. Great plan, right? I mean, I buy the Reese’s cups and she get’s the Twix and we split 50/50. Great plan, right up until the Reese’s got jammed in the slot. We were down there banging on and trying to make it fall but, we couldn’t. So, I fork over another dollar, making that one fall down and another one almost at that same falling-off-the-ledge look. We were banging some more when we heard a door slam. We decided to hide behind the machine and then Haven, sweet Haven, decided to go secret agent on me and see who it was. When she discovered an actual person there, she squealed. We decided to ask this stranger to help us get our Reese’s cup out. We managed to do that and make it back to class just in time. Below is a pic of a vending machine similar to the one we were fighting. On to more adventures tomorrow!!!


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