Day35 – Challenge162

It has been 5 weeks since I started my challenge. I leave for Basic in 4 months or so. I have passed 3 midterms (4th one is with the teacher). I have 2 major bruises on the right side of my body and 1 weird life.

I have passed the midterms for Drama, Art and History. My Econ midterm is with my professor being graded over the weekend. I am at the point where the only reason why I am still in my art class is because I have to. I know, I could drop it but I would GPA points and my recruiter would be pissed. I am really not liking this class at all now. I feel like she doesn’t the info (we spend 3/4 of the class watching youtube videos) and doesn’t care what we think about art.

The 2 bruises are from last night. I hurt my middle finger – refer to my last post – and last night, I slipped off the curb and hit my knee on the van. Oh well, you live and learn.


Day34 – Challenge162

Today’s thoughts on today’s events:

– Voted today. It wasn’t bad and I know I should be proud to be able to be 19 and a women and able to vote but I don’t know. I feel like, “What’s the point? Why bother voting when this whole thing is going to hell in a handbasket anyway?”

– Realized, and remembered, that I need to check and make sure that I have my card in my camera before leaving to go somewhere.

– Little kids dressed up as Elvis or as Cinderella are adorable!! Little kids dressed as sluts, witches or even slutty witches aren’t cute at all.

– Kids who stay up to 2200 and wake up before my alarm goes off at 0615 the next day, are grumpy.

– Tried to catch someone’s jacket with your fingers, ended up bending my middle fingernail back to the point where it bled. Ouch! Worse part is that it is my right hand and I have schoolwork to do tomorrow! We’ll see how this goes.

Day33 – Challenge162

Today was pretty awesome!

The morning came earlier than wanted; the day hadn’t even awoken yet and I was begrudgingly out of bed. The air had a sense of expectation; it wanted to be warmed up with the sun’s rays of light. As I went off to school, stopping for a biscuit and oj on the way, I watched the sky change colors. Deep black, to blue and then a burst of reds, pinks and purples were all I saw. School was the usual. Nothing was different and I was exhausted.

When 1050 came around, I raced off to the car. As I navigated Sanford traffic, I hoped that my uncle was ready to go. I pull up at the house, and raced to his car and drove off. As we were driving to the movie theater (we were gonna see Inception) we officially confirmed that people in Fayetteville don’t know how to drive. We did manage to get to the movie on time and we both thoroughly enjoyed it. Once the movie was through, we went to Macy’s and I wandered around the store while my uncle did the shopping. Never, ever, leave me alone in the dress department of any store. I was critiquing them and wondering what I would do to change them and people thought I was insane. Don’t they see that I am perfectly normal and the rest of them are insane? In their insanity, which they mistake for normalcy, I am thought of as the insane one whereas I am actually the only sane one out of all. Yes, I am using some ‘Inception’ logic, but don’t worry – I’ve been saying this for a couple of months now.

Anyways, where was I? Yes, after the mall, we went to Miyabi Kyoto for dinner. Mmmm….delicious soup, yummy salad, some shrimp and mixed veggies to start. Then there was fried teriyaki rice and shrimp and broccoli thrown on top. And mixed in all that was some steak and mushrooms. I also tried some sushimi aka raw fish. Too much delicious food and not enough of me.

And that, my friends was my day.

Day32 – Challenge162

As I sit here typing this, I am surrounded by my econ homework that I need to finish before tomorrow morning. Yuck! So far, it’s pretty ok but I still have to do it. I found out that I scored a 98 on my Art midterm – YAY!!

My knee really hurts now, which isn’t helping me finish my schoolwork.

Today, was just a really long day.

Tomorrow, I will give an update on my week.

Day31 – Challenge162

– School was rather boring today.

– I had dinner with Michael. Michael is like my big bro or the fun uncle to me. We enjoyed a nice dinner at Chili’s and he gave me a stuffed bear which I have named George. George is dressed like a Navy Sailor and will always be the best boyfriend – lol.

– Right now, I’m shaking because like the idiot that I am, I decided to have 6 glasses of Dr. Pepper when I knew caffeine and I don’t get along. Blah.

– I have nothing else to say.

Day30 – Challenge162

– Today was kinda boring.

– I’m almost finished with my Econ midterm – Yay!!

– Love is still confusing. Don’t worry; when I have it figured out I will let you know.

– People are freaking weird. I am having dinner with someone I consider like a big brother or uncle – and I know that there will be people who are gonna be like, “WTH! What is she doing?” But you know what? I don’t care. People can talk all they want to; it’s dinner between friends and to be honest, he is sooo not my kinda guy. He’s also like my parents age, and that would just be gross.

– Is it ok to be afraid of something normal? Normal in the right context? To be completely honest with you – the thought of actually having sex, scares me. I know, on my wedding night, it won’t be a problem, but is it ok to be scared of it?

Day29 – Challenge162

Today was just weird. Today, and tomorrow, happen to be fall break for CCCC. Which meant, that I had no classes this morning, and in turn meant that my schedule got completely thrown out of whack. I felt like I was wandering around and I was useless. I know neither of them are true, but I still felt that way. Oh, and to top it off, it has been rainy and drizzly all day, which doesn’t help at all.

Another thing about today: today’s generation is officially weird. When I was little, I lived off of Cheerios(both Honey Nut and Multigrain), Raisin Bran Crunch, Mini Wheats and Cream of Wheat. If you’ve never enjoyed Cream of Wheat, you are missing out man. Unfortunately, my younger 3 siblings are so into sugary, confectionery crappy cereals that there will be 8 boxes of cereal in the cabinet and they won’t touch any of them. Let me just say that it created a huge argument this morning as I tried  to make the 8yr old eat some actual real food. I know, I know, the horror of it all. Well, that was my ramble for the day. Night!