Day6 – Challenge162

Have you ever wanted to do something so badly, that you convince others to do it with you and when all is said and done, things aren’t the way you hoped they would?

Yeah, I have. Today was that day. My mom had talked to Mr. Sutter yesterday, and he had said that he needed some help with tonight’s band competition. My mom and I both agreed to help. Free entry to see some of our favorite HS bands perform? Heck yea! After Mitchell and McDaniel’s first game of the season this morning(which they won, btw), I seriously think that Mom was considering not going. Rowan was coming over after Stuart was done working on the sets for LWW, and tonight was family movie night as well. I think the reason that we ended up going was because I really wanted to go. When we got home around 9 or so, the movie was done and Dad was upset because we weren’t there. Then things just went downhill. I know it probably wasn’t my fault we went out there but right now I feel like it is. So, my post today, is a weird one, I’ll admit, but it’s honest.

P.S. – Here is a quote I thought of today: When we focus on our past, we can’t see our future. When we focus on the future, we forget our mistakes. We need to remember that life is like a road. We always look both ways before crossing. We need to remember our past so we don’t repeat our mistakes and look to the future for a better tomorrow.


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