Day9 – Challenge162

My day has been an emotional and physical roller coaster. I got up this morning ready to get dressed and go jogging. We’ll work up to a run, don’t worry. When I got up however, I got really nauseous and felt sick. I knew if I ran while I felt this sick, then it was gonna be worse and if I ate and then ran, I would still be in bad shape. So, I ate some breakfast and didn’t run. 😦 I went to school still feeling sick and then the it got worse. I got a text from an ex who wanted to get back together and then to top it off, my time of the month hit me with all the cramps and headaches. Yuck! So…..I pretty much felt crappy all day. I’m starting to feel better but only because I’m getting sleepy.

I know I promised to tell you about the songs and here ya go. The second one is called ‘Naturally’ by Selena Gomez, who is turning out to be one of my fave young artists and the first one is called ‘To Save A Life’ written by yours truly.

The other part of my Challenge162 is to take pictures everyday of my world and how I see it. Here are some that didn’t make into the blog.


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