Day11 – Challenge162

Ever get a theme or saying stuck in your head? For years, and always will be, mine has been HatedvsLoved. I got that from something I saw that said this: “I’d rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I’m not.” That phrase reminds to be true to myself at the cost of being ridiculed. A couple weeks ago, another one entered my head – Limitless love. This one came from two things. First: ~Love knows no limits. The brain, on the hand, believes in limits to everything. The two are in constant conflict.~. This is the signature for an art-related site and fits me perfectly. The second thing this comes from is how God has no limit to how much He loves us. No matter what we do or say, he loves. His love is as limitless as the stars above and then some. Anyways, that’s my ramble and thought for the day. ‘Night!


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