Day12 – Challenge162

It’s officially: life is complicated. Love isn’t simple, school isn’t easy, people don’t stay the same and I am once again, a social-wallflower.

It just sucks how much I was I was in control of my life. I have a lot of choices ahead of me and I don’t know where to go from here. When it comes to love, I’m about as lost as a shipwrecked sailor at sea. Everything looks endless and there is no clear way to go. I will think I know which way to go and then I’ll discover that it wasn’t right. School is so confusing. I have 2 teachers I get along with great, 1 who rabbit trails quite extensively and the last 1…….anything I would say about him/her could/would get me into serious trouble. And besides, I promised Collins I wouldn’t start a fight while at CCCC. The hardest thing about being a social-wallflower is that you make friends with everyone, and yet, no one seems to care enough about you to really get to know you. I try to know about people, find out what’s going on in their lives and be a good friend but most of the time they don’t return it. Life is just too complicated. This is where having faith is important and a good relationship with God comes in handy.


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