Day13 – Challenge162

What to write about today? Life, love, school, pictures? I honestly don’t know. There has been so much going on in all of those categories that I don’t even know where to begin. How about this?

Life -> At what point do we start living instead of just breathing? At what point does anything start to matter? Or does it ever really matter anyway? What makes someone risk their life for someone else at the sake of their own? What makes us fall in love? What makes us willing to live? Or die?

Love -> What is love? How do we know we love someone? Is it when we’re willing to be with them, even through everything, good and bad? Can you love more than one person the same way? Is it something you only give? Or only receive? Or both?

School -> Btw, you never stop learning. You might not be a ‘formal’ school all your life, but you will always be learning something. Always.

Those are my quick thoughts for the day. Enjoy and comment!!


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