Day15 – Challenge162

So, I don’t have a completely cleaned up room. But, it is rearranged, and I’m almost there. I’m just sorting through the really random stuff. Not fun at all.

Today was one of those crappy-don’t-wanna-repeat days. I woke up great, went to school, misinterpreted what a friend said(don’t worry, we is cool now), came home, ran my lil bro to WHHS, then for the rest of the afternoon, I felt like I wanted to throw up. Maybe it was because I was working in my room that was at least 90° (or at least felt like it) and I was tired. I don’t know what it was. Still feeling kinda meh right now but that’s because it’s 2230 and I still need to shower and go to bed.

One of the cool things about today was that I ran across an old pic of me and my besties when we were little. Ok, maybe not that little, but still.Aww! We were cute back then! What happened? Just kidding. Sam is the one on the far left, Macie is foremost and I’m beside her and Daryl had a tendency to hide herself and is behind me and Macie.

Well, night!


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