Day21 – Challenge162

3 weeks into this challenge. 4 classes at school that have midterms or papers due this week. 5 months before I leave for Basic. What does that equal?? One silly girl, who needs to learn to focus, who needs to run despite her hatred for it, and who has a commitment to this silly little challenge.  But is it silly? What if something so serious was hidden in every post? Every picture?? Who knows what’ll change if it were true.

Yesterday, Boone Trail Emergency Services (BTES) had a control burn. This gave me the opportunity to play around with fire, I meant taking pictures of fire. The pictures I got were absolutely amazing.

Today, I spent a portion of my time talking to several friends about some stuff. Like, “Can I still love someone who broke up with me?” or “Could it work if we got back together?” or as in the case of one of them, “What can I do? I get blamed for everything and I don’t know if I can love him/her anymore!”

While I am not the mediator is the last scenario, I happen to be the only one who has heard both sides and hates what’s going on.What has happened to us as a society that we can’t see the hurt in someone else’s life? Why are we so scared to reach out, and if nothing else, lend them a shoulder to cry on or vent? I am watching this family fall apart through no fault on him or  her. I am watching a little girl wish her daddy was home and her mom having no idea where he is. I am watching a father drink himself out so that he doesn’t feel any pain while he puts the blame on his wife. I am watching a family fall apart and no one else seems to care but me. At what point will we care? When they have divorced? When something goes horribly wrong? Or now? When we still have a chance to change the future?

“There ain’t no hurt like from the opposite sex. But learn from it and don’t take it out on the next.” – Will Smith



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