Day22 – Challenge162

Let me start off by saying I am sorry that this is late. That is, if you care enough to read this.

Random thoughts in my head and life:

– I am almost finished with “Til We Have Faces: A Myth Retold” by C.S. Lewis.

– I have a history paper due in 32 hrs that I have barely started on. Don’t get me wrong, I have all the info, I just need to type the stupid thing.

– I have a drama presentation, and an art midterm on Thursday. Yuck!

– This past week has been rough on me and I have had to reevaluate some things in my own life dealing with past relationships, my church and what I believe.

– For those who are curious as to what I believe, send me a message/comment and I will more than gladly tell you. But please, be specific as to what you want to know.

– I love bullet points. They keep my thoughts nice and neat. Hehe 🙂

– I am wanting to get a part-time job til I leave for Basic but my mom doesn’t want me to. The last job didn’t work out so well and me and managers don’t get along.

– I hate laundry. I don’t like washing and folding and everything else. Oh well, I have to do it anyways.


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