Day23 – Challenge162

I’ve determined that nothing is bad or good for you as a whole. Except Jesus, but that’s different.

When I decided to join the Navy, my family was happy for me. This is giving me a chance to see the world, do something I love and they’ll help pay for college. There have been people who are not happy for me. They have tried to talk me out of it and say that it is useless for me to do this. In my opinion, I think they’re jealous. There has been one major downside: Justin. I still love him and he still loves me but we can’t be together til either I’m out or he is. He won’t date someone in the military which I understand completely. It hurts that we can’t have what we used to have because I decided to do this. He has finally gotten used to the idea of me being in the Navy and knows that I won’t become like a large percentage of women in the military (and the world) are like.

When I decided to quit working at Cracker Barrel and focus on school and family, my family and those who knew how stressful work had become, were very happy for me. But there are those who think it is stupid for me to go back to school before I leave for Basic (where they get that, I have no idea) or that it was stupid for me to leave Cracker Barrel. Again, there were extenuating circumstances and I feel a lot better since I don’t work there anymore.

Mitchell and McDaniel had another game today. They won 20-19!! Mitchell’s next game is on Saturday and McDaniel has Regional for cheer on Saturday as well.

Random pics:


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