Day24 – Challenge162

Right now, as I sit here on my bed, I am listening to my young cousin and my youngest 3 siblings play a made up game that involves running around, squealing with laughter, some form  of tag and I think I heard them mention rings. Who knows? They’re 10, 10, 8 & 5, and at the moment are happily entertained (and without TV – I know, the horror of it all).

Lately, I have begun to appreciate the little things in life. Whether it be that the little people are happily playing and getting along, or when my brother and I are laughing at each other over some new inside joke or when my 12 yr old cousin plays all afternoon with my 5 yr old brother on the trampoline, I have started to notice them. Maybe, it’s because I leave in less than 5 months for Basic and when I leave I will be gone for at least 6 months. Maybe, because I’m growing up and I have come to realize how precious each moment is anyway. Maybe, it’s both of them. Who knows?

Life has gotten better since last week. Last week, I was down in the depths of despair, and it seemed like I would never get out. It usually feels like that anyway.

I have finished my history paper, and history test. I completely forgot we had a test today and was totally not prepared at all. Yikes! I hope I do ok. I still have to finish my theatre presentation before tomorrow but that shouldn’t be hard. To put the cherry on top of this delightfully crazy sundae, I have an art midterm tomorrow that I have to study for as well. Oh boy!


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