Day25 – Challenge162

As I sit here in the lobby of the gym building of CCCC, my hands are shaking and the only thought in my head is saying, “I hope I did ok on that midterm.”

Here’s the lowdown: I have known for a whole week that I have a midterm in art today, and what do I decide to do? Not study and not eat anything. I am shaking from lack of food, and I’m a nervous wreck because I hope I did ok.

Theatre class was interesting as most of the students were prepared, including myself, but when it came time for our teacher to critique us, so that we know how to do it next time, one of the students about got into an argument with our teacher. Oh the fun!

Stuart’s last performance of LWW is tonight and the cast party is afterward. Mitchell and McDaniel both have practices tonight as well. Mitchell has a game on Saturday and McDaniel has cheer competition.


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