Day27 – Challenge162

Today was quite an eventful day for me. I woke up before the sun did so I can go to Creedmoor and pick up the Angel Food orders. In order for the orders to be as fresh as possible when I got to CUOC, I had to crank up the AC as high as it would go, which meant I was freezing on the hour long drive home. After that, it was time to head home, thaw out, and get ready for the Cheer Competition at Overhills HS. McDaniel’s team went second and the whole event was something to remember. They ended up placing 1st in their division and won a bid for Nationals. Yay for them! After the competition, we came home and relaxed before dinner at Cracker Barrel. Over the course of today, I realized how much I will miss everyone when I leave. No time for tears now, I’ll have plenty of time later.


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