Day29 – Challenge162

Today was just weird. Today, and tomorrow, happen to be fall break for CCCC. Which meant, that I had no classes this morning, and in turn meant that my schedule got completely thrown out of whack. I felt like I was wandering around and I was useless. I know neither of them are true, but I still felt that way. Oh, and to top it off, it has been rainy and drizzly all day, which doesn’t help at all.

Another thing about today: today’s generation is officially weird. When I was little, I lived off of Cheerios(both Honey Nut and Multigrain), Raisin Bran Crunch, Mini Wheats and Cream of Wheat. If you’ve never enjoyed Cream of Wheat, you are missing out man. Unfortunately, my younger 3 siblings are so into sugary, confectionery crappy cereals that there will be 8 boxes of cereal in the cabinet and they won’t touch any of them. Let me just say that it created a huge argument this morning as I tried  to make the 8yr old eat some actual real food. I know, I know, the horror of it all. Well, that was my ramble for the day. Night!


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