Day30 – Challenge162

– Today was kinda boring.

– I’m almost finished with my Econ midterm – Yay!!

– Love is still confusing. Don’t worry; when I have it figured out I will let you know.

– People are freaking weird. I am having dinner with someone I consider like a big brother or uncle – and I know that there will be people who are gonna be like, “WTH! What is she doing?” But you know what? I don’t care. People can talk all they want to; it’s dinner between friends and to be honest, he is sooo not my kinda guy. He’s also like my parents age, and that would just be gross.

– Is it ok to be afraid of something normal? Normal in the right context? To be completely honest with you – the thought of actually having sex, scares me. I know, on my wedding night, it won’t be a problem, but is it ok to be scared of it?


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