Day33 – Challenge162

Today was pretty awesome!

The morning came earlier than wanted; the day hadn’t even awoken yet and I was begrudgingly out of bed. The air had a sense of expectation; it wanted to be warmed up with the sun’s rays of light. As I went off to school, stopping for a biscuit and oj on the way, I watched the sky change colors. Deep black, to blue and then a burst of reds, pinks and purples were all I saw. School was the usual. Nothing was different and I was exhausted.

When 1050 came around, I raced off to the car. As I navigated Sanford traffic, I hoped that my uncle was ready to go. I pull up at the house, and raced to his car and drove off. As we were driving to the movie theater (we were gonna see Inception) we officially confirmed that people in Fayetteville don’t know how to drive. We did manage to get to the movie on time and we both thoroughly enjoyed it. Once the movie was through, we went to Macy’s and I wandered around the store while my uncle did the shopping. Never, ever, leave me alone in the dress department of any store. I was critiquing them and wondering what I would do to change them and people thought I was insane. Don’t they see that I am perfectly normal and the rest of them are insane? In their insanity, which they mistake for normalcy, I am thought of as the insane one whereas I am actually the only sane one out of all. Yes, I am using some ‘Inception’ logic, but don’t worry – I’ve been saying this for a couple of months now.

Anyways, where was I? Yes, after the mall, we went to Miyabi Kyoto for dinner. Mmmm….delicious soup, yummy salad, some shrimp and mixed veggies to start. Then there was fried teriyaki rice and shrimp and broccoli thrown on top. And mixed in all that was some steak and mushrooms. I also tried some sushimi aka raw fish. Too much delicious food and not enough of me.

And that, my friends was my day.


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