Day34 – Challenge162

Today’s thoughts on today’s events:

– Voted today. It wasn’t bad and I know I should be proud to be able to be 19 and a women and able to vote but I don’t know. I feel like, “What’s the point? Why bother voting when this whole thing is going to hell in a handbasket anyway?”

– Realized, and remembered, that I need to check and make sure that I have my card in my camera before leaving to go somewhere.

– Little kids dressed up as Elvis or as Cinderella are adorable!! Little kids dressed as sluts, witches or even slutty witches aren’t cute at all.

– Kids who stay up to 2200 and wake up before my alarm goes off at 0615 the next day, are grumpy.

– Tried to catch someone’s jacket with your fingers, ended up bending my middle fingernail back to the point where it bled. Ouch! Worse part is that it is my right hand and I have schoolwork to do tomorrow! We’ll see how this goes.


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