Day37 – Challenge162

Rough morning. Interesting class. Dead car. Long lines. Bitchy poll workers. That pretty much sums up my day. Here’s the breakdown:

Rough morning: Stuart didn’t get up when his alarm went off but it woke me up. Mind you, I’m at the other end of the house and I’m the one who wakes up. Showered and then he decides to take a shower when I’m supposed to getting make-up on – urg! Go out to Susan (our 12 passenger white van) and discover that she is dead. I ended up taking the Malibu, which had been run and overheated too many times by people I shall not mention and was a risk as well. I did get it to start, only to discover I had to put gas in it. I was already late and now another stop. I was not happy!

Interesting class: My theatre class is always interesting. It was good, but interesting. I learned some new cuss words today, in a different language, courtesy of Justin.

Dead car: As I mention, Susan was dead earlier. My mom and I hook her up to Bob (our blue mini-van) and let her sit and she still didn’t run.

Long lines: This kinda goes with Bitchy Poll Workers because statement A led to statement B. I waited 45 min longer than I should have to pick up my uncle who worked at the polls today because everyone came out and voted today. I was not happy at all.

All in all – a very, long, tiresome, bitchy day. Night!


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