Day38 – Challenge162

Today, has been one of those tired as heck kinda days. Woke up late, almost fell asleep in Econ (passed my midterm, btw) and have been groggy all day. It doesn’t help that it was cold, rainy and gray all day. Almost fell asleep at 1930 – just one of those days.

Econ officially sucks. Not the science, in this case but the teacher. I made an 85.5 (bumped it up to a 92.5) on my midterm that I worked my butt off for. It would help if every simple economic question didn’t turn into a random ramble or story. I know half of the material and how teacher is no help. Ugh!!!

Part of me wants to leave so much that it isn’t even funny. I know that I’m not physically fit but I’m tired of all the bullshit going on in town. I’m tired of trying to be friends and being genuinely friendly with people and they only willing to talk/hang out when others aren’t around. I’m tired of working my butt off while others are slacking off and I get a cut in my grade because of it. I’m tired of being nice for someone time and time again and getting nothing back. I know that we should do it for God and His glory but it sucks when people think I am doormat to walk all over. I’m tired of not being able to stand up for what I believe in for the sake of preserving my GPA. I’m frustrated by how complicated love is and how I don’t know who I love anymore. I know I love my family but beyond them, I have no idea. I hate being the 3rd wheel everywhere I go. I’m just sick of all the bullshit I have to deal with. I hate it how I have to have a pity party for people to notice me, or at least say something to me. I’m just tired of it all.


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