Day39 – Challenge162

Today, wasn’t my day at all. Woke up to my mom calling me at 0700 so we can go over our schedules (make sure you say ‘schedule’ with a snooty, British accent). Hurried to get ready for school (benefits of having clothes picked out the night before) and then got stuck behind people who forgot how to drive in the rain.

Spent all afternoon working and going over my Econ stuff – it’s not looking to good for me right now. I still don’t understand it and I’m not about to bring it up with my professor. He goes off on a ramble and it’s not worth my time. Now, we are on to GDP and I’m completely lost. Art tonight was pretty good. Had some fun with my classmates – they make it worthwhile. Haven and I are disappointed that the one video we wanted to see didn’t upload. I am not looking forward to next week at all. My presentation is due and the week after that (when I won’t be there) is a test. Yikes!

Took some really good photos today before Art class. Enjoy!


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