Day41 – Challenge162

I slept great last night. Ahhh! This morning was Mitchell’s homecoming game against Western Red. When we got to the game, it had been raining for a little while and all the cheerleaders/players were soaked. And to top it off, it was cold and there was a pretty fierce wind. The cheerleaders did great – still did some cheers and performed at half-time. We also crowned a new homecoming King/Queen as well. Mitchell’s team did win with the score being 26-12! First playoff game is Monday night at 1830 at WHHS!! Can’t wait!

The rest of the afternoon was pretty complacent and boring and I totally neglected to do some schoolwork or take care of the mountain of laundry that sprang up. Will do that tomorrow, I promise. I took Mitchell over to Hammerstone to participate in some of the scout events since he wasn’t sleeping there tonight. He went on the really cool obstacle course that they had decided to set up. I’ll post pics of that later. Well, I’m off to bed – don’t forget to put your clocks back an hour!!


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