Day49 – Challenge162

Today was kind of a long day. Up ridiculously early so that Stuart could be at WHHS and I could still make it to my 0800 class. I found out that I was the only one who made an A on our most recent history test. Thank goodness for bonus questions! My econ class was bleh. We didn’t even talk about our stuff, and he wonders why we don’t know anything. Here’s why: because we aren’t getting taught and the book is useless unless you have someone who can explain it to you. I also babysat 4 adorable little girls tonight. They were really easy to keep an eye on as they had had a long day and were tired. Well, I have a long day and early morning for me tomorrow so I must bid you adieu!


P.S. I have the first 6 orders of sentry down.


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