Day49 – Challenge162

Today marks 7 weeks since I started this silly little thing – there have been many a night when I haven’t gotten the post in til midnight and yet….I still stuck with it.

Navy -> I have 6 of 11 General Orders of a Sentry down. I’m supposed to only know the first 3 before tomorrow – won’t Sperduto be surprised? I haven’t started running, swimming or anything yet. Part of me is scared because I know I don’t measure up and I don’t wanna end being humiliated. Part of me is just lazy.

School -> I have A’s in all my classes. In fact, I also got the only A on the most recent history test out of the whole class. Econ is still tough but I am getting there. Theatre isn’t a problem and I’ve already done my art presentation.

Life -> Is not as busy but still feels like it. Where has the time gone? Unfortunately, my laundry hasn’t forgotten that I need to fold it as it is currently calling my name, so goodnight and farewell!


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