Day50 – Challenge162

School -> Grrr!! History was pretty good, as usual. Econ, was way beyond frustrating. We expects me to do a sheet with a 1/4 of the info missing and with no way to find it. On top of that, he won’t tell me where to find said missing info. I haven’t learned anything in his class. I also have a test in Drama tomorrow that I’m not worried about.

Navy -> Ended up having a mandatory meeting this afternoon which was pretty ok. Collins is thinking about making me Recruit Yeoman which means I will be in charge of paperwork and other stuff at DEP meetings – can’t wait.

I just wish life was simple. Why did it have to go and be so complicated? Why did some people leave and others refuse to budge? Why? What could be different? What if?!?! – sorry for previous ranting. It’s been a long day.


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