Day53 – Challenge162

Miserable. That one word sums up most of my day. Sure, there were good parts, but I felt miserable most of the day. Woke up not feeling well – going to bed the same way. Pretty sure I did horrible on the test I had in Theatre today. Don’t get me wrong – I did study. My mind went completely blank when I looked at the sheet. Hanging at WHHS wasn’t bad. AHG tonight was interesting. I had to talk about the Navy – of which I know very little, since I haven’t gone to basic or gone anywhere. I felt totally useless. Add to that a sore throat and aching ears and you have the recipe for a miserable night.

I have a test tomorrow for a class that is kinda pissing me off and I have a test due on Monday for a class that is pissing me off. Neither one of the I wanna do but I need to keep my GPA where it’s at.

Off to bed – let’s hope sleep comes easily tonight.


2 responses to “Day53 – Challenge162

  1. Sorry you were miserable. From what I hear.. you did a great job tonight. I too have the sore throat thing going on. Here’s praying for GOOD sleep and healing for us both! 🙂

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