Day54 – Challenge162

Woke up with a stopped up nose and a sore throat once again. History was good, as usual. Econ still sucks. I also took the art test that everyone else took last night while I was at the AHG meeting. I’m hoping I did well. I still don’t like the way she has us critiquing artwork.

Took S to WHHS, picked him back up and also picked up his g/f from her house as well. When I got home, I got ready for dinner with my grandparents. We went to Carrabba’s in Fayetteville and I am proud to say that I am sufficiently stuffed. After dinner, we made a stop at my aunt’s house to talk with her for a little bit before getting some ice cream and heading home.

I still feel miserable. Almost done with the new book I’m reading!


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