Day56 – Challenge162

Woke up early, took a shower, picked up S from Campbell and went to church. Ended up serving in the nursery because they had more infants than leaders. It was cool being able to hold little ones and help out again. I can’t wait til I have one of my own but don’t worry, it won’t happen for a couple of years. Lunch with the family was good. Discussed Thanksgiving dinner – I am making 2 pecan pies and helping to make 7 layer jello salad as well. 30 people, give or take and tons of food to go around! I can’t wait!! I also finished up my Econ test and did my art homework – I still have the reading to do but I think I’ll be good on that.


We should always expect the unexpected, right? Soooo, does that make the unexpected the expected and the expected the unexpected?? When we expect God to move, should we expect Him to move unexpectedly? Or use unexpected ways?? Does that mean that the mundane in my life is actually unexpected? Or is it expected? What does it all mean? Where does it all fit? Where do I fit?


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