Day58 – Challenge162

Today has been a smooth roller coaster ride. I didn’t think today was gonna be this rough. Sharp turns, steep drops, gradual hills but would I trade it? Heck no!

School -> I scored high on theatre test I took last Tuesday – failed miserably on the Thursday one. 😥 It was a simple case of misunderstanding. I still felt miserable because I did study but I ended up studying all of my notes which, apparently, didn’t have all the info I needed. Next time I will read the chapter through and through.

Life -> Had a couple arguments which stemmed from me feeling miserable about my test. Went to the dentist today as well. Had a really cool night playing thumb wars with my 16yr and 5yr old bros after watching some old Bugs Bunny cartoons. Now if I can get rid of this cold I will be good to go. Tomorrow is the start of cooking so I’m to bed!


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