Day62 – Challenge162

Finally, finally, finished taking care of my clothes. I still have some other random stuff to take care of but it’s all good. The clothes were the biggest part of it.

I feel lost right now; I know that God is with me, so therefore none can be against me without defeat.

I feel unloved; I know that I have a family who loves me and will miss me when I leave.

I feel useless; I know that God has given me gifts that only I can use to glorify Him and bring Him praise.

I feel unwanted; I know that no matter what I do, I am always His child, chosen and loved, regardless.

I feel dirty; I know that through His Son’s death on a cross of wood, I am made as white as snow.

I feel unforgiven; I know that God has forgiven all of my sins – because He loves me.


That pretty much sums up the battle going on inside of me. I feel one way and yet, I know that God is another way. I can’t seem to get my head on straight and I know it’s because I haven’t spent time with him. In truth, I have neglected the one thing I cannot live without in this life, or the one after.


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