Day63 – Challenge162

Boy, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! This day has been an emotional roller coaster. This morning was pretty bland in the emotions department but this afternoon and evening were completely different.

Church this morning wasn’t bad but I couldn’t breathe (still have some sinus issues and a little chest congestion as well) and because I couldn’t breathe, I had to continue stepping out of the service. I missed some of it but I will listen to it later and catch up. After church, we went and had a cookout at my aunt/uncle’s. After a delicious, non-turkey lunch, my aunt got the horses out and we rode on them some.

We did have a little bit of an adventure when Dixie decided to buck off my littlest brother but he’s much better now. Right around this time Justin showed up. The next few hours were filled with me wondering why I invited him; how I could hide the fact that I still loved him, how to have him around and treat him as a friend, etc. I was still wrestling with trying not to love him when I walked him out to his car (it was dark and the respectable thing to do) and he leaned in and gave me a kiss. And not just a kiss on the cheek but a full blown passionate kiss. Naturally, I kissed him back all the while remembering our first kiss, another time when we kissed in the snow, another time when he snuck a kiss before my siblings caught us and wishing it could be like this forever. We have decided, for right now at least, to be friends and see what happens after Basic. I think part of him isn’t too keen on dating someone in the military but he knows I’m not like the rest of them and is willing to forgo that. We both have that fear of being in two different places. We’ll see where it goes. I’m off to bed so I can enjoy my busy day tomorrow!


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