Day64 – Challenge162

Today was pretty normal – as normal as one could get considering I woke up 45min late. Yikes!! I barely it to class on time but I did make it. As it turns out my Econ homework wasn’t due until Wednesday – which is good because I still have no freakin’ clue what I’m doing. The normal Monday routine, was well, normal. I did, however, have a sudden creative burst with one of my books. So excited about it! I have a ton of writing I need to do before I lose my train of thought on it. I am completely rewriting it but this is nothing new to me at all. I have also started the Japanese back up again. I need to get a headphone with microphone attached so I can do the voice part. That will most definitely help me in my knowledge/understanding the language. Justin and I are still working on our new relationship – still not sure what to call him now – he isn’t my ex in a bad way but he’s not my boyfriend now and you definitely don’t kiss a friend that passionately either. I don’t know what to do about that yet.


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