Day95 – More Little Miracles

As of yesterday (20101229) our baby goat tally was 5: Mary, Mark, Miracle and Elizabeth and Martha. This morning, bright and squirly, it was Mary, Mark, Miracle and Elizabeth. Unfortunately, Martha didn’t make it through the night. Now, our tally is 9: Mary, Mark, Miracle, Elizabeth, Andrew and Petra, Martha and Maggie (Magdalene) and Gabby (Gabriel). Our theme this time around is NT names, which is getting kinda interesting because we have had a ton of girls and there aren’t a lot of female names in the NT. As you can see, we made Gabriel into Gabriella, aka Gabby and Peter into Petra. Maggie has joined Miracle and Mary inside so she can survive but her twin, Martha, is outside with her momma. Hopefully, both will pull through the night. I’m gonna try to get pics of all of them tomorrow, but I won’t guarantee anything.

Today was interesting. Mom and I went to WM where I met up with Parker and later met up with Pearson and Briand who are all Marines. Well, Pearson and I started talking and over the course of the afternoon, I invited him to come to dinner. He practically has to drive past my house to get to his and I was making fudge which he wanted some of. The kicker comes from the fact that Justin came up to give my younger bros and sisters their gifts he had gotten them for Christmas. And he was here when Pearson got here. Thankfully, Justin decided to leave and I was able to enjoy hanging with Pearson. He’s a cool guy and he wants me to meet his family, since he’s already met mine. I don’t know what this will lead to but I’m gonna let God lead me.

After dinner, all of us except for Mom, played on the Wii. Stuart got his butt handed to him on more than one occasion by Dad and I got mine heavily handed to me in frisbee golf also by Dad. Other than that, not much happened.


Day94 – A Miracle is Born!!

No seriously, a Miracle is born. Let me rewind and start off with the fact that I was supposed to get up at 0700 and get ready to take Ramon up to Chapel Hill for a doctor’s appt. Needless to say, I didn’t get up til 0855, and trust me, that is not the best way to start one’s day. Made it up to Chapel Hill a little bit after his appt but it was fine. After the appt, we went and ran some errands and I didn’t get home until about 1500, give or take. Mom asked me to go check on the babies (we had one born yesterday [Mark] and twin girls [Elizabeth and Martha] who were born this morning) and see how they were doing. When I got outside, I realized that there was another baby that was supposed to have been born when Mark was born. Apparently, Mark had a twin that maybe even the mom didn’t know about. Without going into details, my mom and I had to literally birth this little baby girl into the world. Suffice to say, Mom and I were both shocked to discover that she was alive even though Mark had been born the afternoon prior. We rubbed her clean (babies are soooo slimy when they are new) and tried to take her out to her mom but mommy rejected her. Now, we have two bottle babies (Mary and Miracle) and 3 others who are healthy and with mommy (Mark, Elizabeth, and Martha).


Miracle sleeping (solid black head, and white and black back half) while Mary looks at the camera

Day93 – Blahness

Today was a blah kinda day. I got mad and fought with my mom, yelled at my sister, attempted to clean up my room and made stupid decisions with my time. Am I perfect?? Hellooooo?! Didn’t you read the second sentence? I am far from perfect. Believe me, I know. I’m still working on that post for you guys, don’t worry. Found my BJM again, well, technically not mine but Collins’. Ooohhh!! Guess what? I found Great Expectations and Tale of Two Cities in one book!! I used my gift card on it. $9 bucks left, baby!!

The highlight of the day was when Mom and Dad were playing on the Wii and Mom was beating Dad. We all had a blast just hanging out. After all the children went to bed, I played some on the Wii myself. It’s ok by yourself but it’s more fun with other people, especially the sword-fighting one. Well, I am off to bed. Early morning tomorrow.


Today, I worked in the exercise room and helped clean it out. I also learned that for the first couple of days after Christmas, that it is mad chaos at WM – it was packed with everyone returning/exchanging gifts. I got some cool snow pics today. I took the time to play around with the exposure aka how much light your camera allows in. And believe me when I say that it wasn’t always the same. You can check the pics here. I’ve started to read The Girl Who Played With Fire – so far, so good. Both books are very intense and I don’t recommend them for someone who doesn’t wanna face the evils in this world because you will meet them face-to-face. While I haven’t written anything for my book, I have a whole bunch of new ideas of stuff to put in it. I just gotta figure out how to do that. I have an interesting blog that I’m gonna write here in the next couple of days – may or may not be the challenge one but I am hoping that it won’t be – and that will be a post that I spend some time on.

Day91 – White Christmas….

….well, sorta. Our region in the great state of NC was predicted to get anywhere from a trace amount of snow to 4 inches. Well, they lied. We got anywhere from 8″ to 10″ depending on where you stand and who ya ask. But still, that is more than twice the amount the max amount we were given. The great thing is that the snow was a soft snow perfect for compacting and since it didn’t get above freezing, we didn’t have the problems of the snow melting, except on the roads but that is normal. We had turkey pot pie for Sunday lunch at my grandmother’s house, and boy! was it delicious! Afterward, we went outside and had a huge snowball fight, made a funny lookin’ snowman, and rode around on skibob behind the truck. Yes, we are rednecks, and this is how we roll. We had a blast! After that we pretty much just chilled until time for bed.

Btw, Mary is doing well. Kayle has gotten used to her being in the house. Oh, and I determined what was causing me to seem crazy. I kept hearing a noise, similar to one a moving toy might make if it is on and stuck in some corner you don’t know about, and I had no idea where it was coming from or what it was. Well, I figured it out. We have an African Dwarf Frog and up until Thursday night, we had two of them. Well, apparently, the one that is still alive is lonely and kept croaking for a friend to come and stay. So, long story short (too late!), we need to get another little frog to keep him company.


I know, I know, I’m running late on this but I had a great Christmas!!! I got the tripod I wanted and it’s amazing! We had our traditional brunch at my grandmother’s house, and out secret santa and my aunt’s house and this year I was able to participate in it. It was kinda weird as I didn’t want anything (remember, I leave for Basic in like 10 weeks) and my mom/grandmother had difficulty finding me gifts. Nonetheless, they did great! I was able to enjoy everyone opening their gifts and seeing what they got. I was also surprised by how much has changed in a year. I am leaving for a career in the military, my younger cousin wasn’t there because he decided to walk out on his family, and everyone has gotten older. So much has changed but it doesn’t feel like any time has passed at all. Well, I am off to bed! Night!


I spent all day making fudge, tending to a sick baby goat and wishing that it wasn’t Christmas Eve.

Our baby goat’s name is Mary, which figures. She and her twin brother were born yesterday afternoon and this morning we awoke to find that Joseph had frozen to death and Mary was close behind him. He managed to save Mary, who is now in the laundry room sleeping contently, but it was touch-n-go for a while.

I made so much fudge today it wasn’t even funny! We made some for the Christmas Eve service/party at our church. I spent time hanging with 2 adorable little babies in the nursery and I was amazed by how much and how fast they are growing up.

Well, I’m off to go clean up the kitchen, tend to Mary and wrap some presents, sshhhhh!!