Day71 – Challenge162

Today was freezing cold and tomorrow is gonna be even colder!! Am I still in NC? Good grief! We had snow on Saturday and have high’s in the mid 30’s allll week!!

School -> Not too bad. I have a test on Wednesday in history. It won’t be too bad, I hope. I’m gonna study beforehand, that usually helps. And in Econ, we had a sub who handed us 5 problems that had to be done in class. I learned more today in 50 minutes working on those 5 problems that I have all semester pretty much.

Had some fun with a friend this afternoon – cannot wait to hang out again. My hands are doing their winter rash thing again. Don’t worry, it’s not contagious. I get it whenever I wash my hands in warm/hot water and I don’t keep them moisturized and out of the cold. This chilly weather we’ve been having makes my hands cold, dries them out, and then I wash them in warm/hot water which makes it even worse. Still enjoying my book “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo” by Stieg Larsson and I’m still writing/typing up parts of another book of my own. The worse part is that I spent the  course of a weekend playing these coupla pages out in my head and I go to type it down and I have scrapped the whole thing already. This the 3rd time I have rewritten the opening for this book. Ok, maybe no rewritten this time but I am certainly embellishing this one to a great extent. It’s definitely better!! Hope to have it up soon! Tonight was the first night of the Sing-Off, a competition between a cappella groups and they were fantastic!! Can’t wait til their next show!


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