Day72 – Challenge162

Today was pretty good. Watched the second half of a documentary on Shakespeare in Theatre Appreciation. Went and hung out at the office today. Duguay leaves me in less than a week and then I will be the only girl but I think I can handle it.

Tonight, I watched the Biggest Loser. Tonight’s episode was the one right before the live finale and in this episode the final 4 had to run a marathon. Yes, they had to run 26.2 miles. The cool part wasn’t that they did, or even that they finished but it was that they had family and friends who at different intervals joined in and ran with them. The one guy’s family ran the last 2 miles with him and the other guy’s wife ran with him to the finish. The girls had their best friends running right along side them and all the while encouraging them to continue on. That was amazing to me! That these people went above and beyond to show support for their friend by helping them to be part of that 1% that runs marathons.


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