Day83 – Challenge162

Today was a looong day! Woke up really late, 10 am to be precise. When I did wake up, I found my uncle passed out on the couch, still smelling of rank alcohol. The rest of my day was spent arguing with my younger sister, yelling at my littlest siblings and feeling absolutely miserable. We had some snow, which turned to sleet and rain and we had some more sleet later in the day. I can’t seem to get a handle on my eating habits, or anything.

And now with there being no school to give me some sense of order, I don’t know what to do. I have accumulated a pile of laundry once again and I don’t wanna take care of it at all. I have a messy room that I don’t wanna clean, a Bible I don’t wanna read and prayers I should say but don’t. And no, I am not catholic, but I prefer to pray for my friends who I know are struggling with stuff. I am known as the girl who anyone can go to if they wanna talk, but there are few people who I could say the same about. I just feel so useless. I have no money (literally!) and I can’t pay for the stuff I wanna pay for (insurance, gas, etc).

And to top it off, my ‘aunt’ Katrina is coming to stay with us! That’s actually good news!! She’s in the hospital right now and they think she might’ve had a stroke. So keep her in your prayers, if you pray.

After it snowed/sleeted/rained today, I was able to get some cool pics!


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