Today was really weird. I was at CCCC for maybe, 45 minutes and other than take S to WHHS this morning for JROTC, I did absolutely nothing it felt like. I got up, got dressed and even put make-up on for classes I didn’t have to go to. What was I thinking??

Today was very much a chillax day for me. Don’t think I didn’t do anything, I did kinda force myself to do some writing while S was at class but I hate having to force my writing. It never sounds the way I want it to.

The live finale of the Sing Off was tonight. The final four were Committed, Jerry Lawson & The Talk of the Town, BackBeats and Street Corner Symphony. The final two were Committed and Street Corner Symphony and while I wanted Street Corner Symphony to win, Committed won instead. In this competition, no one is a real loser. These are all amazing and talented people who can make the coolest music ranging from gospel to hiphop to rap and beyond without using any other instrument other than their voices. Fingers crossed that each of these guys will come out with a CD so I can listen to it. That would be awesome!!

Tonight, a rare thing happens: a complete lunar eclipse. While I will not stay up to see it, I do have a cool moon pic that I got earlier today – Enjoy!


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