Sleep, wonderful relaxing sleep. It has been so nice to actually get some sleep these past couple of days although I do miss the schedule I had. I had a meeting at my recruiter’s office this morning and that went well. I still need to work on my aircraft/ships and finish up my General Orders and make sure I know my Sailor’s Creed without hesitation. After my meeting, I went to WM, where I helped Mom do some shopping. I felt completely incompetent because I didn’t know what my siblings would like. When I got home and checked the  mail, my afternoon took a downward fall. In the mail were 7 cards addressed to me and my brothers/sisters. My parents had a joint one. They all came from my dad’s parents and inside was a cheap card and a $25 gift card to OldNavy. I don’t even shop there and I was furious that in my 19 years of life on this planet my own grandmother hasn’t taken the time to get to know me. She didn’t even ask my parents if we were coming up or if they could come down. Urggg!! It infuriates me that we don’t even matter to her. Well, I am definitely over my little rant. At least for now. This evening we watched The Sorcerer’s Apprentice and actually had a good evening. Other than that and watching the season finale of Psych, nothing much went on.


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